The crimalin Life Orientation & Navigation Journey

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If you are looking for a compass for life, you are in the right place here

"What do I want and where do I want to go?", "Am I doing the right thing for my life and what is 'the right thing' anyway?" Do you know those situations where you are suddenly overwhelmed by doubt or even feelings of resignation? Everything seems to stagnate and you feel the need to break out? Often, we try to dismiss something like that as a temporary low and just try to "get over it". Even though such feelings can be a very important signal.

Experience a six-month journey that will help you create lasting changes in your life. Our experience shows that the process requires this much time to be truly sustainable.

During the journey, you will participate in a 2-hour group coaching session once a month.

In the first week after each coaching session, you will engage in individual self-reflection tasks.

In the following week, you will meet with one of your peers to further deepen the topics together.

In the third week, the entire group will meet again to discuss any open questions and prepare the most important ones for the next session with the coach.

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On this Journey, you will find your path

In the crimalin Life Orientation & Navigation Journey, we support you in discovering potential opportunities for you and defining concrete steps towards your goal based on your personality and strengths.

By taking a closer look together with us, you will have the chance to learn a lot of new things about yourself. Through coaching, you will recognize your unknown potential and find your own coherent path. This can turn challenging situations into intense phases of reorientation and lead to very productive results.

Each step on this Journey will motivate you to continue on your path with confidence.

You can trust us

Confidentiality is the top priority for all crimalin Journeys. It allows our participants to deal openly with difficult experiences and enables a fruitful exchange in the group.

In this way, you can engage in new perspectives and try out previously unfamiliar ways of behaving. The feedback from the group and the coach supports you in finding your individual path.

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What your Life Orientation & Navigation Journey will look like

On your crimalin Life Orientation & Navigation Journey, you and three travel companions, all of whom bring their own topic to the table, will embark together. They are your sparring partners and vice versa.

Your Journey is systematically structured

Your Journey follows a structure developed by us, using recognized coaching methods and proven explanatory models.  Above all, you and your topic are part of the program.

You will get your coach all by yourself for one session

At the end of your Journey, you will have a 30-minute individual session with your coach so that you can clarify any remaining questions you may have.

Your Journey is set up to be interactive

For the time between coaching sessions, we provide our participants with exercises for reflection and further work by themselves, in peer-pairs and with the whole group. Your contribution is important for everyone's success.

Your Journey will keep its promises

All our coaching sessions are generally instructive, individualized, and concretely practical at the same time.

You are part of the success

In general, all participants are required to actively participate during the journey and share their experiences and perspectives.

Your Journey will expand your network

By the way, an added benefit is that through our crimalin Journeys communities are created that often last until long after the Journey concluded.

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Thanks to my coach's interventions and the varied perspectives provided by my group, I was able to quickly overcome my challenges and find a new path forward.
Alexander, 48 - Life Orientation & Navigation Journey

Coaching in numbers

Coaching will become a much more important part of our daily lives. All the more important to better understand the market. We collected key facts worth knowing for you.


increase in online coaching compared to pre pandemic


of our coaches are certified. General market: only 25%


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Your Journey begins now...

Embark on your Journey together with us - whichever direction you choose, we are there with you to explore and discover new paths!