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Career planning
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Managing superiors
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Conflict resolution
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Leadership style
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Stakeholder management
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Team dynamics
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Intercultural management
Dr. Peter Schwarzer
The participants of the crimalin Business Journey deserve a safe space where they can openly explore their topics and unleash their imagination. When they take the courageous step towards transformation, it marks a significant breakthrough that fills both me and my coachees with pride.
Dr. Peter Schwarzer
Head Coach Business & Career Impact

Our approach

Online Coaching

Online coaching saves you time and money and allows you to take part in your sessions wherever you are. It also allows your coach to use digital coaching tools.

Group Coaching

Group coaching has been proven to be ideal for personal growth. Your coach helps you and the other participants to learn with and from each other. You give each other feedback and each of your topics is focused on. A group also helps you to keep commitments.

Six Months

Studies show that new behaviors only become ingrained after many repetitions in conjunction with self-observation. Accordingly, coaching sessions should take place over a longer period of time in order to be truly sustainable.

Specific Exercises

In the weeks between sessions, you will be given tasks to do on your own, in tandem and as a group. During your coaching sessions, models will also be used that you can continue to work with in everyday life. Finally, your coach will also give you individual exercises on your topic.


In our crimalin Business & Career Impact Journey, we use systemic coaching to focus on your professional role, your personal leadership style and your next career step as well as your individual topics.

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Coaching Offer

89 EUR / hour
2 hours / session
6 participants
5 group sessions
1 individual session
6 months

You can trust us

Confidentiality is our top priority for all crimalin Journeys. It allows our participants to deal openly with difficult experiences and enables a fruitful exchange in the group.

That way, you can gain new perspectives and try out unfamiliar behaviours. Feedback from the group and the coach will additionally support you in improving your quality of life.

Arme zweier Personen mit Händen im Armgriff, ein Arm gebräunt und tätowiert, der andere sehr hellhäutig
After just one session, I could already see first changes to my behaviour.
I approach new projects I start very differently now.
Georg, 39 - Business & Career Impact Journey

crimalin adds value

Our Journey promotes career development, leadership style and role  fulfillment through tailormade coaching, based on the participants’ needs.


Individual performance

(American University, Washington)


Team performance

(American University, Washington)


Return on Investment


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