Balance & Vitality

A brief overview of what you can expect in each of the six sessions in addition to addressing your individual topics.

How it works


Congratulations - you are here, which means something has led you to crimalin and you have taken the first step to start your personal journey with us.

Session 1

You get to know your coach and your 5 peers.

You agree on rules for your time together.

The coach explains the focus of the journey and provides initial input.

Together with one of your peers, you specify your goals and your vision.

The two of you explore what a successful completion of the Journey would look like for each of you and experience what that would feel like.

Session 2

You receive input on the topic of stress and its effects on health and performance.

With the help of proven tools, you find out what your main stressors are.

In pairs, you work out how your personal resilience can be increased.

One or two coaching sessions are held, each focusing on a single participant. These people come one step closer to their individual goal, while the others watch, contribute and learn alongside them.

Session 3

You receive input on the topic of comfort zones, their purpose and how they limit you.

In pairs, you work out your own personal obstacles that need to be overcome with regard to your main goal.

This session again includes one or two coaching sessions, each focusing on a single participant, bringing them a step closer to their individual goal while the others watch, contribute and learn alongside them.

Session 4

You receive input on the topic of nutrition.

In pairs, you work out the specifics of your personal eating and drinking habits and possible improvements.

As in every session, your coach will conduct one or two coaching sessions, each focused on an individual participant. With the additional support of the group,  this will help these people on their way towards their individual goal.

Session 5

You receive input on the topic of exercise and motivation.

In pairs you work out which type and amount of exercise suits you best  and how you can realistically implement it.

There will be the last coaching sessions, focused on one or two participants, which will once again help them overcome obstacles on the way to their individual goal with the support of the group.

The session ends with a detailed wrap-up of the Journey.

Session 6

You conclude your Journey with a 30-minute individual coaching session.

Your coach gives you final support and feedback based on their perception of you and your topics.

This also gives you another opportunity to ask your coach questions.

In addition to the sessions: During the weeks between sessions, you will be given tasks for yourself on your own, for yourself and one peer and for yourself and your 5 peers together.your tandem and for you and your 5 peers together.

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Are you still in doubt?

You are still not sure which one is the right Journey for you? Go ahead and take our guidance questionnaire – we would gladly make a suggestion!

Through working with my coach and a very empathetic "travel group", I was able to identify the sources of my stress and learn effective ways to manage them on my own.
Thanks to crimalin, I now feel balanced and in control of my life once more.
Nadja, 32 - Balance & Vitality Journey


Here we answer the most common questions about crimalin, the Journeys and the process. In case we did not answer yours, just get in touch with us via our contact page and we will gladly help you with any other inquiries.

What is crimalin?

crimalin is an online group coaching platform. It has been proven that coaching in groups is highly effective in terms of personal growth. Therefore, we work in small groups that offer multi-layered learning opportunities which could not be realized on that level in individual coaching.

During your 6-month membership, you will find solutions to your own challenges but at the same time, you will learn from the challenges of the other group members. This is enhanced by working on tasks together and by mutual peer coaching. The exchange among the group is often personally enriching which is why group members frequently stay in touch long after their journeys are completed.

What is a crimalin membership?

The crimalin membership lasts six months. During this time, you participate in a group coaching session once a month. In between coaching sessions, you work on tasks that continue the coaching and enhance your personal growth – alone and together with your peers.

What is included in a crimalin membership?

Membership includes participation in a six-month targeted group coaching program. Your crimalin group is created based on your chosen focus and meets once a month online for six months – in then final session you will get to meet your coach one on one. When you sign up, you can choose a journey to take with your crimalin group.

You can choose from the following Journeys:

  • Balance & Vitality Journey
  • Life Orientation & Navigation Journey
  • Business & Career Impact Journey

Who is crimalin suitable for?

crimalin is suitable for you if you want to commit to your growth and development over a longer period and experience this development together with other people. We don't put groups together by location, industry, or demographics, but by various goals and challenges. When you sign up with crimalin, we can almost always find a group for you.

How do we guarantee the quality of our coaches?

To guarantee the quality of our coaches, we at crimalin only hire coaches who are certified by one of the relevant associations and have many years of professional experience. Our crimalin coaches also regularly take part in further training.

When is coaching not suitable for me?

Coaching cannot replace medical or psychological therapy. Therefore, if you are seeking help for serious physical or mental health issues, please consult a doctor or a professional psychotherapist.

When can I register? How long is the waiting period?

Applications are currently possible. We review applications on an ongoing basis as we start new groups every month. The waiting period is usually no longer than one month. However, in individual cases, the wait time may be slightly longer.

When will my Journey start?

Your group coaching sessions will most likely start within a month of you signing up.

How often do the group coaching sessions take place?

Group coaching sessions take place once a month. A Journey lasts 6 months. The first five coaching sessions are 120 minutes each and are held over Zoom. In the final session you and your peers each receive a 30 minute one on one session in which you will get to speak with your coach individually.

What happens in a group coaching session?

In each group coaching session, you will be challenged through various exercises and conversation formats on the topic the group is focused on. Through sharing with others and listening to them, you will walk away from each session with new perspectives and tools that will help you with your personal development. This will enable change in the areas that matter most to you. At the end of each session, you'll reflect on your findings and identify specific actions you can take between now and the next meeting.

How much does a crimalin membership cost?

A crimalin membership lasts for six months. It costs 178,50 € (150 € plus 28,50 € VAT) per month. That includes the two-hour sessions as well as peer and individual exercises.

In many cases by the way, coaching is recognized as professional training and can therefore be claimed against tax. Therefore, members often have their coaching sponsored by their employers too.

Can I extend my Journey?

A Journey cannot be extended. However, it is possible to continue with another Journey or book additional one on one coaching sessions after concluding the initial Journey.

Can I take advantage of additional individual coaching sessions?

Yes, it is possible to book additional one-on-one coaching sessions for an additional fee.

What happens if I can't attend all group meetings?

When you join a crimalin Journey, you commit to attending all six group meetings so that the group coaching process can proceed undisturbed. Of course, it may happen that you cannot attend a meeting – we understand that. Your peers will inform you in the next session about the progress. In this case, however, it is not possible to make up or get reimbursed for this session.

What if I can no longer keep the dates of my group meetings?

Please let your coach know as soon as possible if you are having problems with the timing of your group sessions. We will do our best to find a solution that works for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact or to write us via our contact page – we will do everything we can to help you.

What if I want to cancel my crimalin membership?

By signing up for crimalin, you are committing to a six-month membership. Based on the information you provide when you sign up, you will be assigned to a specific group with the intention that you will meet with the same group and coach throughout the program. If you choose to cancel your membership, there are no refunds. By confirming your information and entering your payment information, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to this as described in our Terms and Conditions.

Do I need the internet to use crimalin?

Yes, you need stable internet to use crimalin. You also need a laptop/tablet/computer, and a quiet place.

What if my question is not answered here?

Just contact us via or our contact page and we will answer you as soon as possible.